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Best Mobiles and Tablets for Gadget Lovers

Purchasing a new mobile phone or tablet is an investment, hence, it not only fills us with excitement, but also anxiety. Have we done all our research? Have we made the right decision? While choosing…



Prove she tested her lipsticks for protection

Controversy keeps surrounding Jaclyn Cosmetics, a splendor brand created via YouTuber Jaclyn Hill. On Wednesday, Jaclyn Cosmetics launched 15 PDF files that purportedly show the effects of safety tests the emblem says have been conducted…


Beauty for a cause

WITH the aim of empowering local women to ‘Ask for More!’, and coming into Malaysia Book of Records for the maximum glasses of ampoules used in a charity event, BABOR Malaysia will be hosting a…


5 Ways To Egg-Cellent Hair

Eggs are considered to be the perfect breakfast all around the world. The protein rich yolk is not only beneficial for your health, but also great for your hair. We are egg-static to share with…



Rip DVD 2019- Handbrake or WinX DVD Ripper?

If you have many DVD collections, you can be for a shock as DVDs can be as easily damaged. They too are prone to breakage and scratching which corrupts the data present on it. Moreover,…


Cloud Computing - Is It Safe?

There are basically varieties of computing environments: On-premises computing is the traditional shape of computing in which you or your organization personal and manipulates your own systems. All the applications you use, as well as…

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Transfer Music from iTunes to Android

Access to your favourite music has been a lot simpler with the current trends in technology. The hordes of devices with music compatibility have made it possible to carry hundreds of music tracks around within…