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Erdoğan pledges manufacturing of aircraft, vehicle engine in Eskişehir

President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan has vowed to make certain Turkey will produce aircraft and car engines inside the Turkish Engine Industries (TEİ). “I hope we are able to produce engines of aircraft, helicopters, and vehicles…



How to Dress Ethically as a Vegan

‘When our aim is to dismantle the exploitation of animals, we become aware of the many ways in which we rely on, steal from and otherwise use animals. Fashion is usually the next frontier, after…


Budget Saver DIY Hair Care Tips For A Fresh Look

Any hairdresser would tell you that DIY and hair should never ever go in the same sentence together let alone in a world of hair reality. But then again we aren’t recommending you take a…


Laser Hair Removal: The Pros and Cons of the Treatment

Having a flawless body is the dream of all the women out there. But it is easier said than done. Removing the hair from the body puts a majority of girls into jitters thinking the…



The Top 5 Benefits of Installing Awning Windows

Are you unable to decide what type of windows you should install in your home? If so, awning windows can be a great choice when picking your replacement windows. When it’s time to replace the…


4 Tips To Choose The Best Youtube Video Downloader

Many people share the link of YouTube videos to share the video. However, if the other person does not have access to the YouTube app or the streaming is slow at his end, sending the…

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A look at Orient Aeroseries range of premium fans

<p>You might have already heard of Orient Aeroseries range of premium fans that delivery an impressive air delivery while operating silently. So, what makes these fans different from the rest in the premium fans category….</p>
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5 Things You Need To Know About Blockchain

Thanks to Bitcoin, today Blockchain technology is soaring in popularity. Most probably, you’ve also heard about the Bitcoin and its underlying technology “blockchain” for a while. But do you what exactly blockchain is and why…